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Heating System for St Peter’s Titchfield

Our unconfirmed funding to support replacing the heating system at St Peter’s is simply due to the length of time it has taken to fully scope the required works.

It’s fair to say this is a challenging project when you factor in the age of the building and the requirement to preserve the historic significance of the building, which remains the priority. However, we are confident that activity to start work will commence this year, and this is the background to what your contributions will be supporting.

Pat Shirley – Chair of FOSP

The church needs a heating system that efficiently delivers heat to the central part of the church, where most of the congregation sits.

The existing perimeter heaters have a limited effect as they are far away from the congregation. The existing heating system takes many hours of heating before its impact can be felt, which is expensive and wasteful.
The project involves the two-stage development of a heating system for the church.

The first phase involves replacing the existing 1970s boiler, which may fail at any time and is inefficient. The second phase involves developing a ducting system across the nave and aisle areas. The ducting will carry additional finned heating pipes.

It is designed so that a congregation member should be roughly only six feet away from a heating pipe. The gas-heated boiler water will circulate through the new heating ducts and the existing perimeter heaters.

We have considered various heating sources, including renewable energies. We require a system producing nearly 100KW. Green technologies will improve and become more efficient; therefore, we have committed to proposing to achieve net carbon zero by 2030.

Credit: Steven Sherwood – 
Church Warden of St Peter’s Church Titchfield